This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

Hello, it’s June! I currently write Japanese and English subtitles for my YouTube content, but often get requests for other languages as well!

If you’d like to help my channel and content be more accessible to people all across the world, feel free to purchase subtitles on my website.

Even if you can already enjoy my content with the already provided (by yours truly) English or Japanese subtitles, you can now support my channel’s growth or help non-English/Japanese speakers be able to enjoy my content.

I will use 100% of that money to cover PayPal fees and translator fees. Once an order for subtitles is placed on my website I will hire a translator to write those subtitles. The time it takes them to write translate is entirely based on their work schedule. Please note I cannot control the speed of a translator.

Channel donations of any kind are appreciated and the proceeds will go into making my content more enjoyable and accessible! For regular donations of any monetary amount, please feel free to use this link.

If you’d like a digital autographed photo as a “thank you” or physical signed Polaroid/photo, please feel free to let me know in the comment box of your order! 1 video’s subtitles equates to one signed photo.

Uncensored photos/fully nude photos will not be distributed. Please specify if you are uncomfortable with receiving a possible erotic photo and would prefer a more SFW one. The signed photos are a thank you for supporting my channel’s growth.

Refunds cannot be issued after I have already hired a translator.

By the way, most translators are hired from Fiverr or Coconala! Feel free to use my Fiverr invite link to get up to 20% off of your first order and support my content! Signing up for Coconala through my link gets you up to 600 yen worth of points to use on your first order.

Here are the invite link for Fiverr and Coconala!