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American-born, japan-based multi-talent

With a background in translation and interpretation, June creates content in English and Japanese for their combined audience of over 300,000 on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Since 2020, June has starred in movies, documentaries, and Netflix series, has their own television show in Japan, and has hosted their own interview series, producing videos with over 1 million views. 

June also has their movie label, “Stargaze” and co-founded “Tokyo Love District”, a news site covering the Japanese adult industry and LGBT-related news. June works within many industries and thus wears many hats. Most notably their current workload consists of cosplay, movie production, voice acting, wrestling, consulting, and more.

June bridges the gap between Japan and English-speaking territories and audiences in a healthy, playful, geeky, and fun way through a unique manner and explorative style only June can do due to their unique position in the industries they operate in.

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