Order Your Personalized Song Cover Commission from June Lovejoy!

Support June’s Musical Journey

Want to support June’s musical endeavors even more closely? Consider ordering a cover song commission!

What’s Included in Your Purchase:
– High-Quality Instrumental: Created by real musicians.
– .wav and .mp3 Files: Receive high-quality audio files of your commissioned cover.
– Thank You Letter/Signed Polaroid: A personalized thank you note and signed Polaroid from June.
– Behind-the-Scenes (BTS): Footage of June practicing the song during professional vocal lessons.
– Producer Credit: Get listed as a producer for the song.
– 1-Hour SFW Video Call: Enjoy a safe-for-work Discord/Zoom/Video call with June.
– Special Shoutout Video: A personalized thank you video posted when the cover is announced.

What the Money Helps Cover:

  • Original instrumental creation by real musicians
  • Recording studio fees
  • Mixing/Mastering
  • Cover licensing fee

Commission Process
Song commissions are completed in the order they are received! The 1-hour video call can be scheduled at any time, depending on June’s and your availability.

Language Options
Songs can be in any language, but June feels most confident in English, Japanese, and Spanish.

Refund Policy
If June is unable to complete your request due to not feeling comfortable with your song choice, you will be refunded!

Post-Purchase Process
Once you purchase this package, June will message you to confirm your cover song choice and schedule your video call!

About the Video Call
This is a SFW NON-EROTIC call! We can play games, chat, watch a movie, etc.! I travel a lot for work, but mostly I am on JST.

Timeline for Creating a Song
The fastest is about a month to get everything finished, provided everything goes smoothly. A kinder estimate is 1.5 months.

Baseline Timeline:
– Base Instrumentals: 2 weeks
– Practice: Minimum of 1 week
– Recording: 1 day
– Mixing/Mastering: 1 week
– Uploading and Permission: 1 week

Support My Music
Thank you for considering supporting my music! You can find my Spotify here! You can also find my music on pretty music any music streaming service included YouTube! Enjoy!

Happy listening~

You can purchase this on Ko-Fi as well!