Alastor & Vox Hazbin Hotel Cosplay Photobook Set

Indulge in the captivating world of Hazbin Hotel with this exclusive 26-page fully colored photobook, featuring Ichimana as Alastor and June Lovejoy as Vox in stunning cosplay. Every page brings to life the thrilling charisma of these iconic characters, captured in breathtaking detail.

Product Highlights:
– Photobook: 26 pages, fully colored, showcasing Alastor & Vox cosplay.
– Keyholder: Double-sided acrylic keyholder featuring custom art by vannghost_tattoo.
– Stickers: Two high-quality stickers with the same unique design.
– High-Quality Prints: Includes 3 random high-quality prints.

Exclusive Bonuses:
– Limited Edition: Only 15 sets available.
– Free Shipping: Worldwide shipping and tracking at no extra cost.

Customization Options:
– June Lovejoy Autograph: Add a signed message from June for just ¥500.
– Extra Keyholder: Grab an additional keyholder for ¥500.
– Extra Sticker: Add a second sticker for ¥300.
– Signed Vox Cheki: Exclusive signed instant photo for ¥1000.
– Vox Kiss: Add a personal touch with a Vox kiss for just ¥500.
– Extra Prints: Add 3 more high-quality prints for ¥500.

Don’t miss this limited-edition opportunity to bring home the vibrant energy of Hazbin Hotel’s Alastor and Vox. Order your set today and immerse yourself in the spellbinding allure of Radiostatic!

Coats created by: Sanya

Design/Editing: Ichimana

Camera: Takahiro