I have been unable to sell signed copies of my films for about half a year now due to PayPal not being adult-item friendly, however, I will now accept payments in Amazon gift codes. Sorry for the kind of strange payment, I cannot find anything else that is friendly for adult purchases and I know a lot of people have been wanting to purchase physically signed copies of my films. Thank you so much for wanting to support my work! These films are all censored per Japanese law.

View the list of my work here (not entirely up-to-date). View an up-to-date list of my work here.

For most of my DVDs, a signed copy will be $60

Shipping for 1~3 DVDs $5, 3~6 DVDs $10, 6~10 DVDs $15

You can order DVDs of other actresses as well, however, I cannot have them signed, it will be more like a pickup service.

If you are unsure of the title of a film, a picture of the cover, R18 link, or even a screenshot (maybe) is helpful! I will confirm your order with you.

Depending on how big your order is, I can include discounts for the overall total, so please feel free to reach out to me!

Order Form:

  • Country to ship to:
  • Item(s):
  • Special Requests:

After I finalize your total, I will need you to complete this form and send the payment total as an Amazon gift card code. 

  • Name to include on the package:

  • Address:

  • A valid Amazon Gift code equaling the payment total:

Each order will include a kissed handwritten thank you letter and an autographed cheki (one per DVD). Please let me know where you would like the signature to be. It can be anywhere you’d like, but I’ve signed on the back and front of the paper cover, inside of the DVD case, and on the DVD itself.

Please confirm it is legal to import adult videos into your country.

Depending on the country a shipping charge is free, but due to the pandemic, I may not be able to ship to certain countries at this time.

Please check to see if your country is eligible for “Air” shipments. If not, I will have to send it via EMS and that will cost an additional $66 USD. Once normal shipping methods return, shipping for all countries will be free. If only surface mail is available for your country at this time I cannot ship to you at this time. 

Check if your country is eligible here.

EMS: 2~9 Days

Air Mail: 1 week~1 month

Due to the pandemic and current post office conditions, shipping time may take longer than predicted. All orders include a tracking number so you will know where your package is as it makes its way to you all the way from Japan!

Refunds are not accepted as these are custom orders and payments are processed through gift cards.

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