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This is a corner where a reporter talks casually and amicably with Miss June Lovejoy (24), an American who claims to be a sex monster AV actress. The reporter and June have gotten so close that their interactions now seem to closely resemble a comedy “Manzai” Duo…

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 June Lovejoy: (hereinafter referred to as Lovejoy)  Hello! Did you have a summer health visit? (I’m talking about “Shochuumimai” which is a summer greeting card or checking in on someone’s health during the hot season)

Reporter: What do you mean? My company president isn’t currently being hospitalized. (He misheard my “Shouchuu”  (Summer greeting) as “Shachou” (company president).)

Lovejoy: What? No! I said “Shouchuu” not “Shachou”! (laughs).

Reporter: I’m sorry. I might be getting kind of light headed due to the mugginess of summer. By the way, did you write any summer greeting cards this year?

Lovejoy:  I actually wrote my first one ever for the FANZA Summer greeting card Adult Auction! Japan has some really lovely culture!

Reporter: Yeah, Japanese are really good at appreciating things. Not only breasts and butts, but also the pantyhose themselves! (laughs)

Lovejoy: I see. I don’t really think there’s another country with as many fetishes as Japan. I’ve even had AV work for urination fetishes.

Reporter: Ah, the so-called pee scene.

Lovejoy: Yes. It was so embarrassing for me. I’ve never peed in front of another person like that. But, it was a little liberating.♡

Reporter: That’s great. It is said that “God is in the details”, but “Erotic is also in the details”.

Lovejoy: You’re making some dirty dumb joke that’s hard to translate! On a serious note, I would like to film a documentary about a variety of fetishes one day.♡