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This is a corner where a reporter talks casually and amicably with Miss June Lovejoy (24), an American who claims to be a sex monster AV actress. Today June shows more of her love for Japan in a surprising way.

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 Reporter: in charge (following reporter) Shirazu shirazu aruite kita~♪

 June Lovejoy: (hereinafter referred to as Lovejoy) (finishes lyric of the song) Hosoku nagai kono michi~♪

 Reporter: (singing) Furikaereba~♪…Wait a minute! You know this song, June?

 Lovejoy: Yes! “Kawa no Nagare no You Ni” is my signature song at Karaoke!♡

 Reporter: No way, you’re a Misora Hibari fan!? But, why are you able to sing that song?

 Lovejoy: When I first came to Japan, I was dating this guy and his mother shared that song with me. We went to karaoke together and she sang it for me. It’s such an amazing song; Misora Hibari is literally my Queen. I love her so much.

 Reporter: How tasteful

 Lovejoy: I often hear that (laughs).  Young Japanese people don’t listen to Enka often, but Enka is seriously so cool. I also like Fuyumi Sakamoto’s “Mata Kimi in Koishiteru”.

 Reporter: That song was originally sung by a brother duo called “Billy Bambang.”

 Lovejoy: Wow, really? I want to hear the male version of that song.

 Reporter: June, on the other hand do you happen to listen to the latest J-POP music?

 Lovejoy: Hmm…I like, “Gesu no Kiwami”.

 Reporter: I didn’t see that choice coming (laughs).

 Lovejoy: I don’t like cheating husbands, but it doesn’t change the fact that the band as a whole makes great music.

 Reporter: There is a lot of romance after the argument. (He’s making a joke by playing with the lyrics of my favorite Gesu no Kiwami song)

 Lovejoy: Oh my gosh, an old man’s gag (laughs).