This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

Games are also subject to change based on the number of players/overall vibe of the players.


(most likely mostly The Skeld, feel free to join to practice your Japanese, but please be able to speak somewhat) Please make sure you have a Japanese role on so you can access the Japanese side of this Discord.

As a note, because Japanese players are fewer than English ones we might have to join a Japanese Among Us discord to play, I’ll announce that beforehand if that becomes the case. You do not need to purchase JackBox to play. I will host all matches. You will need to play on a computer or phone browser, though while voice chatting on the discord. For Among Us you will need to download the game to play on your device while voice chatting on the discord. If you participate in the games (excluding the audience) please be comfortable with having your voice streamed and be polite (some cursing is ok, no slurs).


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