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 Thank You Cheki Review Campaign

Unfortunately, until R18 allows reviews on their site, this campaign is only applicable to Amazon Japan and Fanza DMM reviews. Furthermore, this campaign present is strictly for individuals 18 years or older who have actually purchased my work. Please do not contact me if you are a minor. Thank you for your understanding.

If you write a review for any of my releases on Fanza DMM or Amazon Japan, provide proof that it is your purchase and review, I will personally send you a thank you note and signed cheki (polaroid) as thanks for your support!

About the cheki and campaign

The polaroid are random and I will send them out as my schedule allows.

This campaign will continue for as long as I can properly send out the autographed cheki, however I reserve the right to ship at my own pace, stop this campaign at any time, and refuse to ship to certain individuals depending on special cases. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Please provide a valid shipping address as well as a screenshot of your review from your login to confirm it is your review.

Valid Products and Sites to Review

Please search for the title of your choice on Amazon Japan or Fanza DMM.

All of my titles can be found in Japanese here. If the page appears in English for you, please use the language toggle on the page to switch to the Japanese version.

My Fanza DMM titles and their links are on the same page.

Review Requirements

You actually don’t have to leave a positive review to be eligible for this campaign! However, I do ask that if you don’t leave a positive review, your review is at least constructive in someway and not derogatory.

On the other hand, positive reviews cannot only be starred reviews, please leave a comment about what you liked about the work.

There is no character requirement, but I ask that you are thoughtful in your review and if you are able to provide feedback to help me improve, I would be very grateful!