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You can send anything you like to this address! If you send something, typically I send something back, so please explicitly let me know if you don’t want anything at least somewhere in the package or letter you send to me.

If you send adult-themed items directly from Amazon or the maker, I will most likely send signed photographs of me using them, please let me know if you aren’t comfortable with this.

As a general note, all packages are inspected by my agency. Also, I am vegan and unfortunately as a safety concern, I cannot accept handmade food.

Eventually, I will do a mail day video every so often on YouTube, but if you don’t want your mail or package to appear in the video, again I just ask that you let me know.

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June Lovejoy

1-3-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Villa Moderna C804

Tokyo, Japan 150-0002

Brands I like:

LUSH, Pokemon Center

Food I like:

Dried Fruits (Especially Mango or Kiwi), Nuts (Especially Pistachios or Cashews), anything vegan.