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June Lovejoy’s first ever fan appreciation event will be held on 4/30/2022!

Lovejoy herself can speak English, so feel free to attend the event even if Japanese isn’t your strongest language! This is an international Pervert Festival!

1st Slot:

Lewd Talk (Swimsuit)

・Whisper service~

・Swimsuit photoshoot!

・1 on 1 personal swimsuit photoshoot! 

・Lewd talk during the entire shoot~

・Cheki service!

2nd Slot:

Let’s get crazy!

・”Lip Service”

・Custom serivces!

・Photoshoot time!

・Charity Auction!

Take a cheki together! ¥1000 each

Presents are gifted to all fans who attend!

Special limited cheki present, kissed signed art board, fan card, photo together, and a limited special surprise video (sent digitally through AirDrop).

(Event Time)

1st Slot: Entry at 13:45, Event Begins at 14:00

2nd Slot: Entry at 15:45, Event Begins at 16:00

Photoshoot at 18:30


Within 10 minutes walking distance from Shibuya Station. The exact location will be sent via mail to those who make a reservation.


1st slot: ¥12,000

2nd slot: ¥12,000

Both slots: ¥24,000

Special Photoshoot: Full menu will be sent via email

(How to make a reservation)

Please make a reservation by email.

The timeframe to make a reservation is from 4/10 21:00 until 4/24 21:00

Responses will be made within 72 hours. You will receive a reservation number through email.

(Email for reservations)


Subject: June Lovejoy 4/30



Phone number/Email:

Desired slot(s):